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December 8, 2011
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HH: Hirano Hikaru by TAKESHl HH: Hirano Hikaru by TAKESHl

Trying out again :icongtthplz: His old app - [link] I...I haven't improved that much, huh :iconpapmingplz:

Hirano Hikaru



Date of Birth
August 13th

Star Sign
Leo ♌

Blood Type

5'11" (180cm)

Mythology, English, Maths, Sciences



Basketball, Soccer

- Drawing
- Daydreaming
- Sleeping
- Reading
- Spicy foods
- Animals
- Meat

- Being alone
- Being left out
- Sweet foods
- Tofu
- Rowdy, loud people
- Overly optimistic people
- Overly nice people

Hikaru appears to be a cheerful, upbeat individual who can almost always be seen smiling. He is rather childish at times, often joking around, trying to keep a light-hearted atmosphere around him. Very openly friendly, he tries to get along with everyone, and can be rather touch-feely, hugging or putting his arm around someone's shoulder without hesitation or consideration for whether the other would mind or not.

He also likes to purposely tease others, finding it amusing to watch them squirm, taking great interest in their reactions. If they show signs of visible agitation, however, he'll back off as he'd rather avoid conflict or anger directed towards him.

Despite seeming carefree and sociable, however, he is actually incredibly untrusting of others, pretending to be get along with people while being cynical over whether their friendship means anything at all or not. He is very narrow-minded, where human behaviour is concerned, and is stubborn with his opinions, basing them on first impressions and rarely changing them unless forcibly proven otherwise, therefore having generally negative and unfair opinions of people that he tends to keep to himself. It's difficult to form close bonds with Hikaru because of this, as you can never tell what he really thinks of your relationship, even if you ask him, as he'll only tell a lie.

He has a great fear of loneliness and abandonment, thus emotionally detaching himself from people as he thinks that they'll only leave him in the end. Should you prove him wrong, however, especially if you stay by his side when he is too upset to fake happiness, or after you've seen his incredibly selfish and almost sadistic side, he'll latch onto you and will become overprotective, borderline possessive.

Hikaru is the only son and second child of a policeman and housewife. He has an older sister who is already married, at the age of 23, and no longer lives with the family. Hikaru grew up in a very comfortable, peaceful household, getting along well with his family. His life was generally very relaxed and stress-free, until he came of the age where he had to start thinking about his future.

Hikaru always had a vivid imagination, preferring creativity and freedom over strict guidelines, and he knew that academic career paths recommended by his mother, such as Accountancy or Law, were not for him, nor did he want to follow in his father's footsteps, as he didn't like the idea of being on the front line, in the face of danger. He was stuck, not knowing what he wanted to do, and wasn't particularly passionate about anything.

That is, until his sister introduced him to Hoshizora High, a school where her friend had attended and enjoyed. He looked it up, finding that, while he still had to study more academic subjects such as Maths and Sciences, at least there were more interesting ones to enjoy, and Mythology especially piqued his interests. He then decided to apply, hoping that, as he still didn't know what he wanted to do in the future, this school would help him decide, and that he could possibly pursue a career path in the new subjects Hoshizora High had to offer.

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