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February 28, 2012
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CV: Matthew Bailey by TAKESHl CV: Matthew Bailey by TAKESHl

Revamp 'cause I've disliked the old one for a while now but was too lazy to fix it 'till now :iconhecryplz: lmao his new clothes're so plain, and unfuturistic compared to his old ones but I like these ones better for some reasonnnn. He's also randomly floating in mid-air 'cause it'd be too empty top-wise otherwise :iconmingtearsplz:

:iconcvmattplz::iconsaysplz: . . .Hn. . .?

Name: Matthew 'Matt' Bailey
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Number: EX#108
Type: Experiment
Item: Rail Assault Rifle

Powers and Abilities:
:bulletred: Can fire multiple rail-propelled bullets from his hands at high speed
:bulletred: Can lift objects up to three times his own body weight
:bulletred: His eyes have the ability to zoom in on a target, acting as a scope, like that on a gun
:bulletred: Has an 'enhanced speed' ability (developed from the rifle's 'rapid-fire' mode) that lasts 30 seconds per use (but he must recharge his energy afterwards)

(Taken) Ethnicity: English
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 208lbs
Blood Type: B


Matthew is a laidback and quiet individual, always looking sleepy, or as if he's daydreaming. He has a low emotional output, and therefore has a lack of expression, which sometimes distances people from him as it makes him seem cold or apathetic. He rarely smiles, unless in the company of his creator or his Syndicyte partner, Gavin. It takes a long time for him to warm up to someone, unless they constantly attempt to interact with him, otherwise he would just be neutral, neither liking nor disliking them, but also not making any efforts to befriend them. When in the presence of the people important to him, however, he becomes more animated and expressive, also showing a more child-like mentality, only switching back to neutrality when confronted by another person.

As he is very easy-going, despite not particularly feeling strongly about a person, if they ask him to do something, then he will most likely do it. He accepts most if not all orders or requests without complaint or hesitation, and is content when people attempt to interact with him, despite not showing it.

While his facial expression remains the same even in combat, his concentration is much fiercer and he takes the battle seriously. Outside of work, however, he is relaxed and laidback, lazing about to pass the time.


Created in the Pacific Lab, therefore having lived there his whole life, Matthew knows no other 'home'. Growing up in the Pacific Lab, his life wasn't particularly eventful. As an Experiment, he was well-received by the others, and because of his mild nature, he couldn't care less about the discrimination other Experiments had against the Determinants, thus staying out of trouble and avoiding arguments or tussles between the two groups.

When he was 10, however, a new CV was transferred into the Pacific Lab. A Determinant called 'Gavin Rios'. At first, Matthew thought nothing of him, seeing him as just another body in the crowd. When Gavin began to confront him on a frequent basis, however, he slowly paid more attention to the Determinant. Gavin's one-sided rivalry led to Matthew becoming his sparring partner, and after countless challenges and sparring sessions, Matthew grew to like Gavin, eventually considering him a friend and later on, a sort of 'older brother' figure.

Due to the constant training Gavin's challenges gave him, he quickly became more efficient than ever, and was appointed as an INFRA at the age of 18, partnering with Gavin, who was appointed to SYN around that time.

- Has incredible accuracy due to his scope eyesight
- His ability to remain calm no matter what the situation
- Quick thinker, surprisingly, despite looking empty-headed
- Has enhanced strength due to his metal-infused bones, and can therefore handle heavy objects up to three times his body weight.

- Cannot swim because of his metal-infused body, and would therefore sink.
- His inability to express himself, particularly through facial expressions.
- Low agility and flexibility, and therefore has slow reflexes.
- Runs out of rounds every now and again, and needs to reload his battery clip each time.

Additional Information:
- Has a Londoner accent
- Likes sweet foods
- Has slight aquaphobia
- Likes listening to music and sleeping in his free time

Ablublubluuuu I hope this is okayyyy. I hope it makes sense :iconlazycryplz: It's 8:30am now...should I sleep, I wonder...:iconshadowedplz:
Will edit if needed /o/
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